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December 7, 2011


It's winter in San Diego.

Christmas Trees are available on every shopping corner. Lights are up and inflatables are hanging out on the front lawns. People are buzzing to get their Xmas shopping done. I haven't even started, I'm still wrapping my head around the early nightfall, the sun setting at 5PM. We will go find our perfect tree this weekend and start the festivities that will make CQ's eyes shine.

No-one loves Xmas like her Pappa. He even has me excited about all that the season has to offer. Yet I have to admit that I am feeling a sense of sadness when I am out and about. Ry reminded me that we live in a military town and the season will inevitably highlight those alone at home with husbands or wives far away in unfamiliar territory, making people on edge and sad. I keep my smile going but I feel the season and its moods nudging at my heart strings.It's been an incredible year of visitors in our new home.

CQ's life is filled with so much love from across the seas.

More please, and stay a while...

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