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August 27, 2012

Wink ;)

Not only does our pregnancy seem easier when we start it out fit and strong, but the recovery period can be a breeze if we take care to stay strong and work those kegels. I believe Pilates made all the difference in how my pelvis, uterus and cervix, not to mention my mind and the rest of me handled my long labor and birth. Yoga was my other passion that was awakened during the latter part of my pregnancy, strengthening my resolve and mindfulness. Also working with Metamorphosis to create clearer intuition to truly know how my baby and me are doing.

I have a guest blog coming up that will highlight another reason for staying fit and why working those kegels are so important. It seems it is worth our time and effort to work at our pelvic muscles. So let's go; wink;) when you're doing your kegels and we can all just smile knowingly and encouraging at one another in the passing.

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