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December 2, 2015

Why Birth Education?

What is the value of this kind of class? Why sign up? Is it worth the cost? Is it really necessary, I thought instinct guides us on this one?

So here is my two cents and why I am passionate about education and the loving preparation around the birthing of new generations and preparing as new parents.

A birth education class is a space for you to celebrate your becoming a parent. A place to learn about the process of labor and the incredible workings of the body. Learn about the life and science of birth and how to support your labor in a harmonious and efficient way. There are many unknowns and a lot to learn. Learning which questions to ask can make all the difference for you and your baby. Knowing the workings of the birth world and business, the benefits and risks to all the different landscapes and scenarios available in today's world will help you understand what's the best fit for your family.
These classes are a place to create community, an essential part to having fun as a new parents, knowing you are not alone on this sometimes overwhelming journey.
And our children deserve their village.

Once a child is conceived and the choice is made that they will join your life, your family, they become a definite influence and will guide you to find what you need, so they can have the kind of birth they want to experience.

So if your mind is reeling with questions about the process, your body, your relationship and how it will be affected with this new persons arrival? How your spirit and work life will respond and how it will all mix and find their space in this new realm, then join a birth education class.
It's about setting yourself up for success and filling your backpack with tools for when there is something in need of fixing or when a challenge becomes overwhelming.

How do you find the right class for you? Listen to your heart and follow what feels light and filled with love to guide you to the right class for you.
Listen in the same way to your heart and knowing to find the right care provider for you and your child, it matters where you give birth and who you allow in the room.

Saying yes to being a great, present, joyful parent and human being that can see the beauty of this adventure and life takes a conscious effort. To bring our children into this world with love and joy should be our prerogative. Should be our mission. It does not only give our children the opportunity to follow their path confidently with love but also allows us to really see ourselves, this is one of the big gifts of becoming a parent.
Are we afraid of it at times? Yes!
Do we want to look away and ignore the challenge? Yes.
Can we ignore and turn away? No.
So let's start our journey by becoming conscious of our impact, our fears and our joys before they move into our lives permanently forever;)

Someone said it: "Allow fear to only stay present in the back seat, gagged and strapped in."

Our children should be received with love, surrounded with joy and welcomed into the beauty of this world.

Be confident that you are not sick when you are pregnant, you have the opportunity to experience yourself in the healthiest state ever.  It's exciting!

Knowledge is always power and a woman empowered is incredible and necessary!



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