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The Red Tent is meant to be a sacred space for women. A safe and creative space to share our hearts, dreams and passions, our sorrow, our grief, our greatest victories and wonder with each other. We awaken to ourselves in these moments of reprieve from the world we move in daily. When women connect with one another in this intimate, non-judgemental space the ripple effect is felt by all.

"Our world benefit immensely from all women having access to sacred spaces where we can be together, listen, teach, and pass on wisdom. It doesn’t matter whether we call them moon lodges, Red Tents, or something else—our instincts tell us how important they are."

"In such ancient cultures as that of Native Americans, Africans, and Chinese, red is a symbolic color of strength or female power. The Red Tent is rooted in ancient history as a gathering place for women. Women were admitted to the Red Tent when giving birth or menstruating.
The Red Tent eventually became a sacred gathering area where women went to celebrate life as they learned from one another to strengthen themselves, their families, and their communities."

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