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January 17, 2012


... a commodity. I realize now what a luxury uninterrupted sleep is, something I used to enjoy so much! I am unable to use the CIO(cry it out) method with CQ [I don't run to her with every little cry out, but when she calls it's for a reason and that is obvious.] She can go to sleep by herself, it's pretty sweet how she will sing herself to sleep, but she is hungry every four hours most nights.

She is on a pretty consistent nap schedule and also have a bedtime ritual. So I have become content with my disrupted sleep, but look forward to that six hours of dreamland healing, hopefully sometime in my future.

I also am very aware that every baby is different, talking with other moms whose babies are sleeping through the night, and some with the same schedule as us. I thank the gods that I am not counted on for constructive sentences on a daily basis, because it takes me a while. I am still wrapping my head around the multi-tasking our mothers and many women boast about. I seem to just spill something or hurt myself when I try more than one thing at a time. I, there for, try and just focus and be in the moment with what I am doing, I find I become less anxious and accident prone, less likely to spill hot coffee on our child or to slip on CQs oatmeal thats covering the floor. But the biggest key to not freaking out right now is distracting the mean judging part of my brain, to keep it of my back, I guess thats what reality TV is for.

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