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I offer Birth Art Circles and private sessions for pregnant women and couples looking for a creative and personal way to prepare for birth and parenthood. I provide a warm, welcoming, and non-judgmental environment for making and exploring images about pregnancy, birth, and mothering/fathering.
NO artistic talent, skill or experience is needed; art will not be analyzed or displayed. Our focus is on the learning process, self-discovery, and deepening the connection between baby and parent.

Please feel free to invite pregnant women or parents dealing with the realities of postpartum, who may be interested.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the intimacy of the gathering, and the presence of art materials, children and babies cannot attend. 

Birth Art Session

I am offering group sessions, space is limited to 4 couples or 8 singles. Private sessions are about an hour-long; group circles up to 90 minutes.


Incredible! . . . made me think of things I never thought of before. I got in touch with what was going on inside me.”

Cyndi Tatton

“Making drawings were helpful in connecting pregnancy to nature, it was very affirming. [Making birth art] . . . validated me in pregnancy.”

Jerri London

“I wasn’t in touch with mothering feelings before I made the drawing.” 

Christi Hext

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