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September 12, 2011

Sept 11

I remember being on set at the 7delaan studio. Hearing the news over the speakers. Feeling absurd and unreal. When I stepped into the greenroom the little television in the corner made it even harder to believe, but we all stared at the towers falling down. It's ten years later. I am practically half American now, having birthed a child here has made this more real than ever. I watched the movie, "flight 93" last night before I finally went to bed. CQ slept better than ever and I had the kind of sleep that allows one to dream vividly. All I can say is that my aggression and mama-lionessness is growing with CQ and I would not mess with this cub of mine.

Living in a world that is desperately trying to create and find its equilibrium, its balance, makes me trip more often than not, and my legs show the marks, enough already I cry! Look within and find the balance here, at the point of conception, where it all begins.

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