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January 26, 2012

Rooibos tee

I went to a great talk about nutrition last night a friend of mine, Elaine Bryan did. It was all about the facts and fiction around diets and weight loss. Again I realize how simple it can be to take good care of ourselves. If we really choose to listen to our bodies and not so much to all the noise that is mass marketing to us all. We are each so unique in every way, and when we learn to listen to the little voice pleading within, we might make simpler choices, healthier choices, real choices, knowing that our experience is our responsibility. (Okay that was MetaMama talking)

I decided to revisit my new found passion for Rooibos Tea. When I fell pregnant I had an intense urge to just get rid of all the rooibos tea in my house. Since its a South African staple I was stocked up to the brim and all my neighbors received a bag filled with this wonder tea. But then when CQ was born I had a sudden need for it again, the sweet subtle taste of Rooibos Tea.(wow...that sounds like an add campaign of some sort) I was nurtured on it as a child, and its benefits was never as clear to me until I had a baby. My mom started telling me about how wonderful it is for babies. It has no caffeine and has very low tannins. Rooibos has more anti-oxidants than even green tea and has anti-oxidants not even found in other teas. It's filled with wonderful minerals like magnesium, zinc and calcium. It has anti-spasmodic qualities so its amazing for babies suffering with colic. It is CQs staple drink when she is not breast feeding.

I now finish and start my day with a cup of Rooibos and feel more energized and balanced by this ritual. I think the key is that it relaxes me because it keeps my body stocked up with some good minerals that helps my ph balance.So that's my tit-bit for now, take it or leave it or ad a grain of salt, I'm just saying:)

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