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June 7, 2010


This has been a great year so far! 2010 a year of abundance, fertility and growth, that's what the cards said, so I'm just saying...

Recently I worked with Dave Brown the author of "I Swear To Good You Are God At This"(isn't that the greatest title), it's 72-pages of pure creativity. Worth checking out, don't hesitate!
Only two weeks after an epic fun four days of filming "This is Charlotte King" we had the preview at the AMC in Fashion Valley, San Diego. Watch it now at
I am inspired and motivated to stay a part of the force that we as a creative collective are in this moment. We are busy with some important and groundbreaking work...aah just kidding its really all in the name of fun and learning, isn't it? Just saying...I'm excited to work and do what I set out to do, mostly cause it feels good. I'm excited to celebrate what I have accomplished and worked on. Most of all I'm always energized and provoked(in a good sense of the word) when there is great people to conspire with giving me the freedom to be a quisling;) A project that started this year of on the right track is "Tacos De Pescado (Fish Tacos)", a collaboration between me and Annette Bohl who's wonderful creative mind set this project off. Together with the stunning and awesome energy of all the CiA(chix in action) women this project came to life and we celebrated the completion with a screening at the MakeOut Room, March 2nd, 2010. We've just rolled on from there so watch the web for "action" from the chix.
It's June and I celebrate my birthday this week...keep an eye out for more quixotic notions!
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