Long story...short

As a student, at age 20 my life changed when I was chosen for a role in a popular South African soap opera, 7de Laan . For five years, it became a way of life, coping with the grueling schedule of the soap world. I loved every minute, observing and learning from the masters. Not ever dreaming about a life as an actress I was along for the ride and the whole experience was humbling and eye opening.

During the five years as a soap actress, I became involved in South Africa’s transformation process, working with various charities and in many different parts of our country, with children, prisoners, women and the elderly.

The decision to leave the 7de Laan set was not an easy step. However, my interest in different media and experiences, made it time to move on.


A highlight of my acting career was undoubtedly “Ouma se slim kind” a feature film with Southern Sky Pictures, and having the opportunity to work with director Gustav Kuhn and seasoned South African actors such as Annalise Bosch and Dawid Minnaar. It was an incredible learning experience.

Before I started my career in acting, I was a student at the University of Johannesburg, studying Geography and Anthropology. And before I became a student, I spent time abroad traveling and working as a waitress and an event manager.

As the traveller

During a year’s travel in the UK, I qualified as a groom and trainer with the British Horse Society and once the travel bug bit I made a commitment to travel to a new destination every year.

In the process I became a volunteer on Project Noah, the relocation of 15 elephant from Madikwe Game Reserve across the Angolan border to the Quicama Reserve.

I travelled to India, visiting the Taj Mahal in Agra, the beautiful city, Delhi and the business hub, Mumbai.

I made a trip to the Americas and travelled along the coast of California, visiting Texas and Mexico. Here I met the love of my life and discovered that my life was to go in a direction I did not plan, but I loved the adventure and the chance to explore new boarders and cultures.

I also knew I would not choose to live without this man.

After our engagement – back in South Africa for one of my last productions - I performed in the play “Homebound,” written and directed by Diaan Lawrenson. This successful play ran on stage in Kalk Bay, Capetown, making my dream to live and work in Capetown for a while true in its own unique way.

In February of 2006 we were married.

We settled in San Francisco, where I pursued my acting career: performing on stage, working as voice over artist and starring in many short and independent films.

In 2008, I joined an acting school for kids and discovered that I loved teaching. I was honored with the opportunity to share my experience and passion with kids of all ages.

During my years of working and learning the craft of acting I learnt what it means to live and learn with compassion in many different circumstances. My coach in San Francisco, Shari Carlson, was a great teacher who helped me stay true to the healing art that I have always known the performing arts to be.



In 2010, July, we discovered we were pregnant, and the sweet joy that filled my heart and mind was calming and overwhelming at the same time. It was clear that our life was once again going to take a new direction.

I was surprised when the road brought us to San Diego, yet every day I am more and more grateful that it worked out this way.The birth of Charlotte Quinta awakened the “birth junky” in me. After watching “The Business of Being Born” in 2008, I was convinced that I was going to be the one deciding my own birth experience.

I was blessed with a memorable and stunning birth with the help of Sarah, our Doula and an amazing birth partner, my husband. With CQ's birth I felt empowered as a wife, inspired as a "wild woman"  and as if my motherly instinct was naturally activated.

It is my wish for every woman to be empowered through her own creative process, whether it’s the birth of her child, the birth of her own business or just the creative process of living her life with courage, always staying true to her nature.

Becoming a doula was one of the most natural progressions in my life. My passion for the human experience continues to find expression, this time through serving women.

As a Metamorphosis practitioner, I am passionate about birth and how we create our experience. MetaMama has more to say about this part of the journey.

Being part of the labor team, holding space for the family and creating an atmosphere that allows for a mother's intuition to be clear at birth is my passion. As is allowing for her and her partner to move through the transition into parenthood with confidence.


I feel incredibly blessed to have my days filled with the joys and challenges of motherhood and the opportunity to work my love and love my work – always staying true to my purpose and passion.

June 2015

It is a few years later and I have to add that I have become a mother of two and was blessed and happy to have my Lara child in the water in my cozy, safe bedroom assisted by amazing midwives and my husband. I share her story here , if you were interested in more detail. My life has become exponentially busier and full and I find myself crying and laughing more than ever.

 I now also work at Babies in Bloom and love being able to support women during their pregnancy and as new mothers. Holding a monthly Red Tent  to honor our way as women and mothers. Babies in Bloom is also now a magnificent birth centre and many healthy babies and mamas can now call it their birthing place.

Now it's July 2017. We relocated back to South Africa as a family of four in July 2016. Living life in Johannesburg for a whole year already. It has been profound being back at home with family around the corner and driving through familiar neighbourhoods.

I have taken the role as Connie in popular SABC2 soap 7deLaan again after being away for ten years. It's amazing to work as an actress once more and I am finally equipped and ready to enjoy and use the platform I am afforded here to do the work of my heart with the feminine and be part of the bigger picture and complex workings of our society in South Africa. Finding my feet as a public speaker and expanding my facilitation of The Red Tent. Working as a doula, coach and educator with women during pregnancy and early motherhood.

Exploring our South African landscape with my family is heart-filling and exciting, infusing my passion daily. I share my choices and journey gladly, hoping you will share yours and so understanding and love will move us forward to live with joy. 





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