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September 10, 2012

planning the perfect birth?

mmmm... is this really possible I wonder after sitting at a beautiful Red Tent Event listening to countless birth stories and the effect of them on each individual. We say "trust our bodies and our babies", that "women have been doing this for countless years." Yet we still want to plan out our idea of a perfect birth. I feel the need to suggest that preparing for birth and planning a birth is two very different things. I listen and have experienced a few remarkable birth stories of late, and without exception everyone's story has been different and has had the unexpected happen. Birth is an initiating experience wouldn't you agree? Parenthood being one of the biggest jobs with the most intense responsibility where the unexpected are happening in every moment, it makes sense to me, that pregnancy and birth would set us up to be prepared, at least give us a taste of what lies ahead. These little beings come into the world their way and I don't know how much control we have other than to give it over to our bodies and our baby's story. We are really just a third of the story right? So we prepare by learning the language of birth, practice our affirmations to help us stay positive in the most uncomfortable and intense of moments and we research our options so that steamrolling doesn't happen, that the choice stays ours and our power shine. Then we trust, we trust ourselves and our mother instincts. With nature and the impeccable science of our bodies the perfect birth always take place. (Oh and we hire a doula) There can't be a right or wrong in birth if babies are aloud to enter this world a little more on their terms, without judgement or a need for convenience.

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