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April 13, 2020

My quiet observation

This morning the pages call me.

I sit quietly in observation, have been for days. From another point of view it might seem loud and almost as if we are celebrating. Children going on egg hunts, shouting with glee at the days, because we are all together with no interruption. Their joy is palpable. As if they understand what we yet have to contemplate.

We are all in a cocoon. The moments in between, the quiet, seem serene and beauty becomes evident.

In quiet observation I wait surrounded by light so golden. The flutters of the butterfly I feel inside.

I rest in between the eruptions of breath held for fear of feeling. A collective breath can be felt. I recognize the brilliance of this destruction.

My heart stops at the idea of your life, breath returns when I realize I am living my own. Our lives held in comparison is in harmony when the contrast of the perception of each perspective is realized. The gift of the opposite, the shadows created by the light.

Neither will cease to exist if it does we will cease to want to exist.

The adventure of experiencing, of being human. Creating all the time. Thought becomes things.

Laughing and feeling our way towards the next curve, the next inclination, the next inspiration and the movement of manifestation that will bring the next thought, want, perceived need. The creative power ever present. There is beauty, relief in acceptance.

I am awake, it is early and my thoughts come most clearly while the world, mine, sleep.

I sit in quiet observation. The pain and fear at times unbearable, the time given to not flinch or look away, rather to journey through, allowing the experience to leave me changed and inspired; to create, to participate.

The greatest awareness of all, is that it is the energy, the patience, the grand perspective that Love brings, awakens and acknowledges, that moves us forward now. Love that allows us to see the "weakest" link as the grandest, the greatest, the one that allows us to show up. It is Love that brings forth our greatest mastery, remind us of the real meaning we give being human, humanity and showing our strength. It's seeing each other as part of the entire experience. It is acknowledging the oneness. Holding a hand out to lift and hand over what is most precious to a perfect stranger in need. Because the sudden realization is that what seemed strange and alien before is a part of you. Not being able to look away and losing fear because Love is and has always been the authority. Love is just that patient, the tolerant. Love is that kind. Quietly witnessing everyone in their moment of creating, busy experiencing themselves in all their shadows.

Like a mother, love will fiercely protect her most vulnerable.

In quiet observation I notice her, Love, her fierce hand lifting us up so gently. Hold the light, create the beacon for the shadows to shorten and the light to flood the room, if only for a moment.

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