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April 24, 2017

Nine months cycles

Watch this space for Monthly Monday Musings.

Ha! working on finding discipline. So hold me to it... if you don't hear from me. Sometimes I am just plain scared to put my words into this permanent space, called the internet. Sometimes I am plain lazy and other times I plainly have more pressing priorities. Yet making time for the things we love and prioritising my favourite way to share and process, seems worth finding the discipline for.

I first discovered what discipline feels like when I joined a hockey team in high school. Realising that I am a team player. It's actually one of my strengths. One of my joys. After a year travelling alone around Europe, I found it when I joined the crew and cast on 7delaan. It was my greatest joy to then not only again find a sport/activity I love but also a tribe of people I feel absolutely at home with. I was again part of a team and felt myself wanting to participate with only my best. In San Francisco after exploring and walking an isolating path of growth I again found a tribe, that made me feel at home and at ease, yet always challenged to be my best "actual" self. A tribe of women and a few men with who I created and manifested and cried and played in the story telling realm of Northern California.

And then after working as a full-time mother, for a lonely 5 years, I am so happy to be part of the 7delaan team again. Noticing now how the different worlds fulfil each other. Also noticing how every integration into a team followed a definite time of isolation and aloneness.

Becoming a mother, wife and doula, discovering my strengths as an actress along the way. Every day calls for noticing anew what needs attention. Sometimes the walls come tumbling down, and everything one deemed important once, is of no consequence. Our world is rummaging at the moment. destruction it seems, maybe looking for a new path forward?

See you on another Monday about a month from now.

Till then, remember what the world needs now, is LOVE.


[it took me nine months to complete this piece, finishing it a week before we boarded the plain to Johannesburg.  I am now ready to share with you part of it nine months after moving home....]

.....soon our life as we know it in South Africa will be 9months old!!!

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