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December 22, 2011


I do feel the joy of the season!:) I also feel the tender emotions that becomes especially vulnerable during this time, the expectation and craziness of gift shopping, the end of the year last minute deadlines and yet all I want to do is put my feet up and honor the sense that it's actually time to slow down. We are in the midst of winter after all. A natural time of hibernation, my baby has me house bound at least half the day and still when I look out the window it all seems to be moving at the speed of light. What is going on? (I am reminded of a quote by Holiday Matinee: Work your love and love your work!)It is three days till Christmas and our tree has been up for two weeks. I am proud to say it's still alive. Yes, we have a real tree, a ritual taught by my husband and one I have learnt to love. CQ helped pick this one out.

CQ loves a trees. Every afternoon when I take her outside to catch the last of the sunshine, she grins from ear to ear as I greet the tree with a friendly "hello Boom(tree)". She reaches out and gives it a good pat down and giggles at it, is as if she's communicating with it in some secret language, its one of my favorite moments. The whole ritual of Christmas has escalated for me, since having CQ. Ryan has always loved Christmas more than anyone I have ever met, but now having the opportunity to set the tone for CQ for this event is really kind of fun. My arms ache under the weight of this 8month old that loves the view from up high. I am currently not allowed to put her down. If I do she will find me and stand up against my legs and insist on being picked up. So I have acquired a few skills, vacuuming with one hand, cutting bread and mixing salad with her sitting on my hip, I'm sure the fly on the wall has a giggle at our antics. MetaMama: "being a parent is constant... I thought something profound might show up, but thats it. It's the only constant I have ever experienced in my life."

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