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November 9, 2011

Missing her pApA...

Five weeks without her Dad, it makes my heart ache. We have been all over South Africa, from the Eastern Cape back to beautiful Jozi and finally we're in Franschhoek. Everywhere we go I'm reminded of him, I see CQ looking and listening when a man enters our strong female circle, looking for her pApA.

Watching the mountain as it changes its moods in seconds, spring storms keep us tucked in inside, I feel the moodiness of our separation starting to take its toll. I count our blessings as this strong feeling of longing for the love of my life reminds me of what we have and the depth and joy of it. It's a whole new journey to become a parent team, the adventure and responsibility of raising a family together is extraordinary to me, the ordinariness of many others doing it for eons of time does not seem real.

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