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November 4, 2022

Long story short

We left SA in the cloud of a new COVID strain that was not making our fellow passengers from London to LAX feel very comfortable. 

We landed in the USA and felt relieved to have made it. The journey was long. I handed over my family to my generous and kind mother-in-law and grabbed my carry-on to jump on a flight to Costa Rica. When I landed there and started counting my traveling hours, while patiently waiting in the customs line(I recounted numerous times)….sixty hours. How appropriate, it was a big jump. I was glad for the numerous days it took in transit, it gave me time to catch up with myself and the decision we had made. This has become a symbol for all that was yet to transpire. Patience became my ally. 

[me walking a maze at a pumpkin patch...the death of sunflowers and the nature of the seasons surrounding me. The cycle of life always present]

I am writing this around the time of Halloween. Remembering, Halloween 2021. I am not sure that I dressed up. I put on a big mariachi hat and bright red lipstick. We hit the streets with nine kids. The most interactive halloween yet in South Africa. There are foam parties and candy at almost every second house. This is significant. Five years before there were hardly any homes handing out candy. 


I am marching the streets with Hermione, Harry Potter's best friend and a Pocemon character, who’s name I don’t recall. There was laughter and there were tears. We had to share the sudden news that we would be packing up our home and current resident status in South Africa. 

We were selling everything and packing a few bins to not just fly to America for our bi-annual visit, but to go look for a home in Los Angeles, where Ryan has accepted a new job. 


At this time a year ago I was sitting amongst my childrens art of the past 5 years and making sure I captured each piece in the cloud. 

The purging had started. 


The third week in November a new Covid strain had been identified and South Africa was being blamed. Suddenly my phone and all my messaging systems were flooded with concerned inquiries. Flights were being canceled for many in our orbit. I was not concerned. 


Our decision was clear and our movement was direct. We were flying out Dec 1st. New protocols had to be understood and followed. We had to all be tested the eve of our flight, that was suddenly changed, and gave us less time to say goodbye. Things became anxious and rushed. I was still not concerned and in full trust mode. I was heading to Costa Rica, I wasn’t allowing myself to think further than that. 


When I landed in Costa Rica, I felt at home. My being activated. I could hear so clearly. The sound of the earth's voice made my heart sing. I felt connected, treading barefoot everywhere. I do this after traveling. Beyond staying hydrated and making sure I stretch, move and find the natural light, moon or sun, I put my bare feet on the ground as much as possible. Jet lag has less of a chance of getting me down this way. 

I led a workshop on how to Embody META Mindfully and held space as a guardian next to Joy and Jennifer, two new sisters of mine. The space HEMA and DTO created felt so authentic and grounded. I felt held in grace the two weeks I got to play in Costa Rica. 


During a visualization workshop one of the last days of the retreat, the clarity of the vision blew my mind, even though it was not what I expected. 

I saw our home, flooded in light, spacious and cozy at the same time. I felt community and a sense of expansiveness. I saw our bikes and felt the ease of movement. 


Today I am sitting in my little nook, the one I saw in the vision. With light pouring into my bedroom window. Downstairs the cozy kitchen is also flooded in light and there is a round dining room table, where beautiful expansive conversations and art projects happen. We love movies and stories on the TV in our comfortable cozy relaxing L-shaped couch. And the music instruments are out. I practice my Saxophone almost daily. It’s dreamy and I am astounded at the clarity of my vision. My trust is growing the more I lean into the grace of my guardians and intuitive self. 


I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the space family and friends held for us during this massive transition. We moved around for 9 months. Staying with our generous mothers and siblings and being offered space to discover Los Angeles before we found our final destination in Santa Monica. 


Many tears were shed. We grieved a full life left to go on this voyage into the unknown. The girls have been brave and patient and the months we spent learning together has been one of the greatest gifts at this time. I have grown and expanded as a woman, mother and an artist. 

I am happy to not be a teacher. 

I am a facilitator and a coach. I am good at it, I saw my own children benefit from my ability to hold space, no matter the circumstance. After nine months on the road we are whole and more. We appreciate where we have been and what we have. Life is beautiful and worth celebrating even when it feels like it is breaking your heart.

A book is conceived and hopefully will be born on the estimated due date in February 2023. 

I understand my place as a practitioner of META more than ever. 

There is abundance flowing. 

I follow loving opportunities willingly. I trust. 


Thank you for jumping in here with me. May you find something of value and may our stories be the yarn that add to the tapestry of this life. May you be happy, fulfilled and held in grace always. May we all find that we are a crucial part of the whole. That we are not separate or alone. That we are all necessary and that divine intelligence guides us.


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