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January 5, 2015


And then there was lavender. I fell pregnant with my Lara and the strong essence of lavender surrounded me. Every time I became fearful or anxious, doubtful or just overwhelmed, I would close my eyes and only lavender and white light came to mind. I know this sounds a little out there, but it's what happened intuitively when I took a breath and tried to calm myself.

I know some might wonder why I'm suddenly posting about essential oils? I am now a believer and have finally jumped on the band wagon as a manner of speaking, that's all. I have been coaxed about essential oils for the past two years, being part of the doula community and being a mother of two little ones. I have always loved natural remedies and like to try many and all things homeopathic and herbal before I succumb to western medicine. Only because its how I grew up and it's how my blood flows:)

I have loved the aroma of oils like lavender, eucalyptus and definitely have used and loved tea tree oil, without realizing it is an essential oil. umm duh!

After Lara's birth I was told different remedies for her rashes and thrush and little colds her big sister brought home. But none of the "100%" pure oils from the store really had the desired affect, it helped a little but it wasn't significant and I didn't have a real education about how or why these would work.

I had some significant people talk to me about DoTerra and Young Living Essential oils and still I was not ready to be convinced about it all. Then after my mother in law also handed me a flier she received from someone, I really started reading and researching, feeling tickled and a little more excited each time I read or spoke to someone. I then experienced the diffuser first hand at a Birth Art client's home and was more intrigued than ever after she shared some stories about how she uses the oils. So when my beloved neighbor Sarah came to me with her interest in the oils, I was ready to try it for real. No more beating around the bush. I joined her when she met with her friend who was distributing to learn more. When I entered her home I new I was ordering there and then, her home smelled amazing and even though there were more than 4 kids all over the house, it seemed calm and tranquil and my whole body relaxed. I did a zyto scan  with her and it was fascinating. I purchased my premier starter kit right there and couldn't contain my excitement. There is so many wonderful oils and blends for so many little irritations and discomforts we deal with daily, and I love it for the kids.

Back to lavender. Since it's the one oil I have used a lot other than tea tree, for Lara especially, I could really compare. I have been trying to get rid of some toenail fungus, my 'barefoot-fairy-child' Charlotte dealt with for more than a week, using "100%" pure lavender from the store, (now I've learned, it's not for sure 100% pure and definitely not therapeutic). When I put a couple drops of lavender from the Young Living samples I was given on her toe, the fungus was all gone the next day. I was hooked and was very surprised at how different the two lavenders smelled from one another.

Then it was thanks giving and the holidays hit us hard and fast. Ryan got very ill and had no time to slow down and deal with it. My good friend brought over her diffuser and thieves, since mine was still on its way. Thieves is an amazing blend of oils that works as an immune booster and bacteria killer. I could not believe that Ryan could keep going and none of us got sick. When Charlotte came home with a little cough, Lara would normally get sick and a nightmare week would proceed, but touch-wood, with all this crazy weather and holiday fun, my now one year old is still healthy as a horse. I have been diffusing thieves daily and am so grateful to have it, I am only sorry that I didn't give in to the oil craze sooner, could've probably saved Lara a lot of discomfort.


Waking up with no voice and a awful sounding cough didn't seem so bad with this beauty on hand and true therapeutic lavender and some crazy awesome oils that arrived just in time yesterday. Can you tell I'm excited!! It could be my imagination but everyone seems better already and this is normally the time of day when we feel at our worst!

Posted by Quinne Brownhuffman on Tuesday, December 2, 2014

So there is the back ground about my new love affair with the flower essences and their healing powers. 

I look forward to sharing as I go along on the journey, since there is so much to learn. I also want to note that these therapeutic essential oils are no joke and there are seriously a lot to learn in order to not abuse it. It's still medicine even though it smells so good.  Researching each oil and how to use it is essential, because they are very powerful, don't use an oil without some good knowledge about its qualities and uses and affects.

I am a very happy with my Young Living oils and you would grin if you saw my selection of oils and smell my house. And don't get me started on my kids and there cuteness.

ps: Lavender is also known as the swiss army knife of essential oils. If you have one oil in your home, I would make sure this is the one. (Make sure its truly "pure" though).

I wish you could see my one year old smell it and then look at me with the biggest smile.

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