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August 1, 2010


I'm just saying...thanks to my blackberry!
Without it I would probably be completely disconnected and a little stress ball.
Here's what I think happened; my computer heard me talking about switching to a Mac, abandoning it, a PC. Before I could finish the purchase and make a smooth transition it disconnected on me. So for the whole month of July I could do only the basics and stay in touch via my blackberry, whose little screen can only be tolerated for a limited time. I will admit that a part of me cherished the excuse of being off line. In the event July became a fabulously fun, connected and lucrative month.
I booked a great job with CISCO and had a great day at PUREBRED Studios filming, working with a fabulous crew and the very generous people from Westernized Productions and CISCO.
Auditioning has been a riot and great moments keep happening to me everyday. I'm excited about my career and work.
On an incredible day of seeking sun north in Tomales Bay we ate dozens of oysters and bbq with strangers also enjoying the summer. I spent a weekend in Texas eating ribs at a family reunion in Austin. Basking in the sun and heat, going down fun slides to cool down in the back yard and laying in a hammock enjoying the magic of a fairy garden.

The most annoying thing in my life right now is the weather, seriously boring and grey. No... thats not a word I believe I even know how to spell [boring]. Really, there's always something interesting in every moment to see, hear, taste, feel, sense and it always amazes me when the word boredom comes up and snaps me out of a day dream. Is this maybe because we had to entertain ourselves as kids when on long road-trips when we had only each other and the clouds in the sky to keep us entertained. No mini tv's in the car or endless electronics to get sucked into silently. Mom and dad had to either turn up their music loud or constantly had to turn and ask for some quiet time. I smile thinking of those trips fondly, the bonding and irritation and fun we had and made. I'm thankful for a childhood of dirt, very limited tv time and no cell phones, a lot of freedom to create a world I wanted to be in.

I now own a mac and while I'm still learning, I'm loving it! I feel like a child that get to play in the dirt again with this multi-touch trackpad and fun tools on it that makes me want to create worlds again.

I have been off the couch and so my independent film watching was cut to almost zero. I'll I have been reading a lot and scribbling a ton though. I will have to commit to this one constant in my blog all over again. So: I'll watch a film a week to have something to talk about in case it's all I have to talk about.

Watch this space...I'm just saying.

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