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February 5, 2021

How can I be of service?

Let me begin by sharing what it means for me to be a woman, how embracing my feminine nature has fueled my work and my way forward  in this world. I grew up in a house filled with the energy of strong women, my grandmother, Quinta, held the space for us all to be and become. She had a way to make sure there were always beautiful food shared around the table, the way she would peel an apple and share it among us left me marveling at her skills with a knife. Her delicate hands painted silk and adorned us with color. Her quiet nature and stillness when she would sit and clean green beans or shell pecan nuts allowed me to catch my breath at the site of her. She would just listen, our chatter and the birds song making her smile.


The power of my mother was immense, mostly her knowing made me feel safe. I could tell her anything and her chest was where I would rest my head and my heart. We have been each others greatest witnesses and we have seen each others tears, heart break, souls awaken and incredible Afrikaner strength at work. She has seen both my girls being born and stood watching me do life my way. Always encouraging me.


It is with these influences that I look at women and realize our innate compassion. The feminine has an intricate understanding and appreciation for the fragrance of love. Moving through desire and the physical into the true selfless compassionate nature of love, able to let go. This is birth. It is the letting go and opening of our hearts that allow us to expand our experience as humans. Birth personifies this. How our bodies has to open to help another person become. Motherhood has taught me selflessness. It's a quiet giving in, opening and allowing. It is deep listening. 

I have also learnt that it is practically impossible to be selfless when there is no understanding and love for the self. Selflessness is not a compromising act. It is purely stepping aside, dropping the need to control or navigate another's experience. Selflessness is allowing another to be, to experience for themselves. There is power in acknowledging the individual, each spirit becoming human has their own unique part to play.

This is where my service comes in. I love holding and creating space for women, for the feminine to work in harmony with the masculine. There is no dictatorship necessary, no need for a power play, only harmony to be found. Their simultaneous reflection, of the masculine and feminine in the water the truest image of our wholeness.

As a doula I learnt key methods and gathered tools to help facilitate the journey of individuals taking on the responsibility of parenthood. Allowing babies to be born into a space filled with and prepared in love, where couples have learnt and practiced harnessing and igniting oxytocin(the love hormone). I have practiced as a birth coach for 8 years and I have enjoyed helping couples navigate the path towards the reality of parenting and prepare for the birth and how to work with the unexpected and create appropriate expectation.

I facilitate spaces for women to find and tell their own stories, freeing themselves from fear and moving towards their personal truth and power. I have learnt wonderful techniques over the years, using art, journal-ing and story-telling from masters like Pam England and Nicole Morales.

I celebrate sisterhood and the feminine as the community builder. Women is built to naturally fulfill this role, and yet in a system and world where we have lived through a dictatorship of the masculine, many women and mothers have fallen into the belief system that the opposite is true.

I stand in service of the feminine. I work with those in transition. Whether you are going through the birth of your creative self, birthing a new business or becoming a mother, partner or parent. Whether you are inside the tunnel or about to enter it. I am willing and able to hold the flashlight, focusing attention on where you want to go, designed/created by you. I will help you to keep moving. Charaiveti.

Women hold sanctuary for one another. We sit and hold what is sacred. It is in unison with the masculine that this world manifests. 

I am a call/an email away and we can sit in the comfort of your home(online) and discuss how I can be of service and shine the light on your truth.

Just love


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