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January 8, 2017

Hello 2017

This new life we have founded in South Africa, is as consuming as a newborn baby.

Much is pushed aside as we have to prioritize and learn our new life.
And now it's 2017. And this new life is 6 months old. We are about to sit up and try some new food and potentially even do some babbling with a giggle. đŸ˜‰ we might even try to crawl, watch out....
2016 brought immense change to the world and our lives as our path took us across oceans. I have felt so many different feelings about numerous issues and events that took place, my mind, body and spirit felt a little discombobulated . The second half of the year especially. When we made the long trek over, the USA and South African elections took place, the big rains happened, causing floods, we all found our work and school, reconnected with loved ones and set up home. So much was revealed about the state of the world. Personally, it's left me in turmoil. I felt disappointed to be honest. My heart became heavy and my body overwhelmed with the amount of misunderstanding and falsehoods out there being represented as the truth.
[I don't like to express too much of an opinion on social media or public pages. I find that we all have reasons and perspectives that make sense to us, based on past experience, our own stories and perspectives. And life is so full of contradictions. I don't believe I know the answer or  a right way of being.]
Yet, I listened and got mad, I tried to understand and became sad. We are all trying to continuously justify why we do what we do. And when there is unjust/hurtful/harming consequence for the earth or a someone or a people, it just doesn't seem to ring a good song. History keeps repeating itself and I ask, are we not bored?
Those close to me will tell you that I can become quite fired up in the moment. My actual process remains private and only once the tears dry up am I able to share some.
I had to tune in and let my phone rest. Allow the media and world to go on without me paying too much attention. I love Decembers in South Africa, there seems to be such an allowance for that(in my experience at least). I stared at the ocean, swam in her waves. Sat in the sand with Lara, ran up the dunes with Charlotte and talked with Ryan. I felt myself reconnect with my source and truth. I found perspective. I found a "peace" of knowing...and then I lost it again.
I rested.
And now I move forward facing the truth of love and where that takes me. The question remains: "what is the most loving thing I can do for myself? What is the most loving thing we can do for ourselves? " The answer I find, is at times the most uncomfortable thing. It's not all spa days and flower fields. Sometimes it's having sleepless nights about people you don't know, but who matters. It's giving time when you have nothing else to give. It's doing dishes when all you want to do is watch tv.
The bubble seems to be bursting every where, and I am interested to see what the healing of the open wound is going to look like. Our world is bleeding. Maybe all we can do is not look away, not pretend we are not also affected, staying interested.
We have our work cut out for us in 2017. May we do it with great patience and compassion for each other, ourselves and this process called life.
I will be active as Doula Quinne and out there hosting spaces for women to share their stories and in our small way we might start boosting the immune system of our world, our country.
Look out for a Red Tent near you.
lOVE and Light
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