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August 26, 2011


I'm on my couch trying to take a breather since CQ finally is down for a nap. If the dogs don't wake her with their barking I might have a couple hours to get a few things done. It's truly amazing how a day can pass you by and when you look back on it, its hard to tell what exactly got done. Baby care is a full time job! Even if they can entertain themselves for a minute or two, a watchful eye is necessary since they only become more agile and fast as time goes by. CQ is a true "rolly polly" as her dad calls her. So if I don't watch she is rolling under the couch or crawling backwards and lodging herself into an undesirable obstacle. She pushes herself into sitting position now, [this weeks advancement] and its too cute watching her do the most natural yoga moves that helps her limbs get strong so that she can push up into a proper crawl.

I am challenged with facing myself and what I dream about, funny how once I start truly asking some tough questions how the universe tends to help find answers. For example I opened my email yesterday while I'm grappling with what I dream about these days and what it means to really live a dream. In my inbox I find an email from a group that a friend signed me up for that directs me to the dream movement, I find myself reading and listening to Marcia, this is strange because I normally have such resistance for these type of things online. Yet I find myself enthralled and inspired at the same time. I have been dealing with the death of a dream I realize, I might be in mourning while I am discovering the new dream that is springing to life inside of me. I am excited and nervous and filled with debilitating fear at times, but then there is always someone or something that will cross my path or inbox to get me going and kick start me into action. I am surrounded by motivators and inspired friends and I am grateful!

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