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October 21, 2011

CQ & kids

I love seeing CQ respond to kids, even those in their teens, or when adults allow their inner kid to show. It's as if a light goes on and she sees something the rest of us can't anymore. Sparks fly and love fills the air. It is the sweetest sensation when she is in my arms and she spots another child across the room. Tell an older child that a baby likes them and you make their day.

What is it about babies? I don't know how to explain it other that calling it baby-magic. They seem to radiate with this unconditional sense of self that possibly remind us of our truest nature, I love and want to believe that we can all hone this energy and keep it alive no matter how old we are or what life throws at us, look in the eyes of a baby and see yourself.

MetaMama: "I become more and more aware that my outer world reflect my inner world. Look at how the world responds to a baby, generally it responds with love and light, if we can bring ourselves back to this balanced state of love, how will the world, our world respond? If we could accept unconditionally who we are our circumstance might just begin to resonate and create itself to match the sense of ease acceptance bring. When I desperately want something to change I accept it as is. Only once I truly accept what is as perfect and let go the need to have it different, change occurs.

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