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11 responses to “Contact me

  1. Hello
    I am smile addicted
    I love to put smiles on my blog
    I put a photo of a beautiful smile from your site:
    with a link to your website, and the French definition of what a doula (not much used in France)
    if you bothered, of course I would withdraw the photo.
    (sorry for my bad english)

  2. Tania Williams

    Do you have any birth art classes coming up? I am very interested and couldn’t find it on the schedule at babies in bloom. Thank you!

  3. Ida Horn

    Hallo, ek sal graag meer wil uitvind oor hoe om ‘n Doula te word.

  4. Shaun M Jooste

    I would just like to say that you inspire me. I am an author, screenwriter, gamewriter and gaming journalist based here in Cape Town, and it is amazing to see fellow South Africans live their passion. Keep up the great work.

    • Wow. Thank you so much. I would love to see some of your work.. Let’s keep creating and building on our possibilities. This country is ripe for it. With gratitude. Quinne

      • Shaun M Jooste

        So great to get a reply! And I agree that the country is ripe for it. So many possibilities and so many great SA movies out now.

        Would you like me to leave links here to my work or shall I email you?

      • Thanks I followed your link and looks like you are really busy.. Very inspiring.
        All the best!!

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