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September 5, 2011


The weather is acting weird. It rained today in San Diego and we felt as if we were on the East coast somewhere. I am sleep deprived and feel a little like death warmed up:) And still I could do this for the rest of my life if I had to. I can probably only say this because I know everything does pass. All our Grandmothers have told us this at some point, "this too shall pass". Following what feels right, reading mothers blog sites and conversations, trying all kinds of different things to see what will help CQ sleep better after midnight. As soon as I figure it out things tend to change and what I have learned is to expect the unexpected and to give up control to the new CEO of the house, CQ.

September! I am looking at the past nine months and can see a transformation. I just realized I had my last Metamorphosis session in SA in January. I felt a great sense of awakening then, but these past couple weeks brought a new understanding, a feeling of empowerment. I am aware again how the world I perceive will always match my inner world. That my life and the creating of this experience is my soul responsibility.

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