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June 25, 2012

Celebrating the woman

I sit in humble gratitude. Having had the honor to be a witness to another woman's journey into motherhood. My mind is filled with the beautiful image of a woman being celebrated. She was the ultimate creator of her moment giving birth. She had magnificent loving women surround her, familiar and knowing and her husband participated and supported with immense passion and love. I realized again if all women could witness the beauty and serenity of a woman supported in labor, with the space to give birth her way, all women will be inspired to truly do it their way without fear.

We have nothing to fear in birth. Its intensity and the magnitude of the event can be daunting, yes, but the actual action, giving birth is what allows for the transformation to happen without trauma.

I want to encourage every woman who wants to become a mother to acknowledge her power and the lasting effect she will have on our society and world. It starts with conception, then carrying a growing being inside our incredible designed bodies. Working with this little person to physically make his way into the world is a big step along the way, not the first and not the last. The journey start much sooner than most acknowledge. Its been well traveled by the time they are lifted into the light. 

with trust and love

doula Q

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