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June 14, 2021

Being at ease.

June brings around my birthday and the beginning of my year. I am now moving fluidly forward.

Being at ease means something different to being comfortable for me.
Being at ease with myself no matter the circumstance, no matter where I am or with who. I am taking risks from a place of being at ease. I can see possibilities from this place. I feel my way forward and with breath, more rational choices seem to be more clear. I am moving into spaces and expect things to work out, dropping my idea around the specifics.

This is the way this new year is falling into place for me. Butterflies in my gut I step into the light.

Participating and showing up ready to collaborate and see more. Life awakened and lived out loud. This is my mission.

A team to share the dream.
Into fruition I unlock from confusion.
A new year looms, I am feeling the presence of fear.
Laughing it off I break into a run to catch flight.

Movement and love keeps me motivated and aligned with what matters and what I should do next.

So 2021 I feel the freedom you are holding out to me, the real gift! I sit in deep gratitude for all that is possible.

just love

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