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August 13, 2021

Becoming a Conscious Parent


Our world is in turmoil. What do we do?

Focus now.

What do we want?

I want to see us move towards our potential, our grandest possibilities. I believe it begins at home. I believe the starting point could be when we look within and become aware of our experience of this moment.


Take a breath and for a moment close your eyes and feel your feet where they meet the ground. Notice your shoulders and the feeling of the breath in your nose or throat.

Don't try to change it or do anything, just be with it.


How do we not attach to the condition of what is? What does it mean to be and become unconditional? The possible detachment from an outcome might make it easier to drop our conditioning of each moment, allowing it to just be what it is.


My most common response to most of the uncomfortable moments is; "it is what it is".

No comment beyond that. Then the next moment happens and again that is just what it is. Dropping the need to make it other brings more acceptance and then change occurs rather naturally.


I believe our world is developing at the speed of light now and we need to wake up to our responsibility and potential. The place to start transforming our world is with how we conceive, birth and welcome our children and treat our mothers.

Being a parent, becoming a mother brings transformation. How do we prepare to meet the new humans coming through in order to not dampen their light and hold reverence for their being?


Becoming a conscious parent. For me this statement means I am becoming aware of my story in each moment, waking up to my ability to respond rather than just reacting to my children, partner and self. It's not about perfection, it is about ease and finding joy and compassion in each moment.


I hope you found value in the incredibly wise, experienced women in the field of birthing, parenting and consciousness I had the privilege to be in conversation with, in August 2021 during the Conscious Parenting Summit.

Robyn Sheldon, Anna Verwaal, Pam England, Abby Ebstein, Cindy Silverlock and Genevieve Simperingham.

They shared incredible tools and experiences to help guide you to a deeper understanding of what is possible in relationship with your children and self.


I love you and hope this brings only a sense of peace and expansion into your world and experience of it.


Just love




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