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November 28, 2022


“The world has enough beautiful mountains and meadows, spectacular

skies and serene lakes. It has enough lush forests, flowered fields, and

sandy beaches. It has plenty of stars and the promise of a new sunrise

and sunset every day. What the world needs more of is people to

appreciate and enjoy it.”


My cats are all over me. We had to leave them home while we spent Thanks Giving with family in San Diego for the weekend. They do get to have visits form our kind neighbors and I love knowing that in the few short months here we have already found support and community. One of the many things I appreciate about my life at the moment.

Do you believe in momentum?

I ride my bike to school with the kids. This is my reality, one I envisioned. I appreciate being able to laugh and sing as we ride to school. I choose an uphill coming home because I love flying down hill with my arms outstretched and the wind in my ears. I almost can't help howling and laughing out loud at the delight of it. This is momentum. I trust that what I set in motion will flow if I can trust the momentum of it.

I also recognize that momentum can go many ways. Sometimes a thought is activated by my inner critic or the imposter(my not so happy-go-lucky twin) that sets me of and if I don't check them at the gate, the momentum they create is not the giddy or fun kind, more like stumbling in the dark without equilibrium or anything to hold onto. This is not fun and makes me cry out in despair.

Creating the momentum in the direction of joy has been my greatest effort over the past four years. It has been my practice. I check my thoughts in the morning and throughout the day the conversation continues. It's definitely a practice and I still fall often, yet I notice that I get up and start again with greater ease these days.

This time of the year always allows for us to review all we have to be grateful for and it ignites my appreciation for everyone and everything that happened and keeps happening. Life is full and I appreciate every leaf falling, reminding me to slow dance now. In the northern hemisphere we are experiencing shorter days and cooler weather, I love the sentiment of the seasons and matching my world to them. I appreciate that I can head to Costa Rica at the beginning of the festive season to plug into space with intention and appreciation. I feel our world not being done asking us to unplug and take the pressure off. I want to be part of a community that embrace this calling. I recognize there are a billion ways to be in this world. May every single person find a way to hear their calling and may the boxes we seem to think we need to fit in crumble. May you have permission to design your own mold that feels comfortable to you. I see how uncomfortable and ill-at-ease many I encounter seem to feel in the mold of a life they think they need to live in order to be worthy of being alive...

Are we willing to redesign our expectations of ourselves and our children and each other?

I appreciate the spaciousness life is offering me at this moment. I appreciate the light and the people showing up growing my immediate community in this new home. I appreciate the trees that line our neighborhood. I appreciate the cool sea breeze and the falling leaves that signal autumn. I appreciate having friends and family across the globe that I am connected to and can share life with. I appreciate that my family are healthy and that we all experience vitality and prosperity. I appreciate the love we all share. I appreciate that I can look forward to adventures. I appreciate all I still get to learn and experience and that I feel at the beginning of a journey. I appreciate my love for writing and the way poetry has become my souls voice. I appreciate every opportunity that feels loving. I appreciate this earthly existence and the call for us to participate and not rule. Our innovative and wonderful imaginative minds a gift that allows us to participate in the most wondrous ways as humans. I appreciate new ideas and my cats. I appreciate my warm slippers and my soft pillow. I appreciate my daughters cuddles and the privilege of watching them grow. I appreciate life.

Now that I understand how the practice of love and internal dialogue with intention serve us, how Meta(morphosis), mindfulness and the embodiment of it on a daily basis serve me, I am excited to share the practice. So stay tuned and know that none of us are here alone or supposed to do it all alone.

I appreciate you following my writings and I appreciate all feedback and love hearing from you always.

May this closing time, this end of the year bring you good tidings and wonders to look back on. May you have much to celebrate when you look at this past year and all you overcame and all you managed and created. May you recognize loving opportunities and follow them willingly.



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