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October 25, 2022

An invitation to Reconnect

The Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse happened in the early morning hours here in the PST time zone. I have learnt that eclipses represent turning points in our lives. I found myself awake at 3:48am recording a dream. I am exploring Lucid dreaming at the moment. A new frontier that I am curious about. There is always something to learn. There is endless entertainment in this world. Nature has always been my biggest ally in this way.

When I feel stagnant or depressed, I hear my dad’s voice whisper, “look up”, or I remember how he stuck a leaf in my hand to study the true essence of God. I am in a new state of being once again, I have been given the opportunity to remember who I am and all that makes me feel worthy of existence. I also recognise the truth of all our worthiness, no matter what we are called to do or not do. I am leaning in more, into the understanding that there is no right way of doing or being. I am leaning into the understanding that making one another wrong for being different defeats our evolution and is truly the most destructive force.

I have been  invited and now I am inviting you to join me in the quest to relearn and awaken our curiosity. To awaken the innocence of our minds that can see, hear, feel, smell, taste and sense it all and each other as if for the first time. Can we stop being afraid of being curious?
This is an invitation to lay down the idea that we should know how it all works, that we somehow should know by now and be better. What if, in our naïveté we stop blaming and instead focus on learning to be curious?
What if mocking or becoming furious about another's destructive behavior or lack of understanding or obvious differences can cause the real down-fall of us, of this earth landscape? What if we lean in kindly and curiously?

Can we instead point curiously and not make accusations?

look up!

I find this a wonderful idea, and one of my biggest challenges. I come from a fixed mindset, a culture that believes in the parameters of right and wrong. A culture that believes in order for us to thrive and stay safe we need to separate and discourage diversity.

I love many aspects of my heritage and language. The bravery and love for the earth. I love the courage it took for my ancestors to find their way in this world. I am however moving away from the fear and the struggle to exist.
I believe that diversity is our greatest means of survival. The more we celebrate our differences and not defend our way of being or talking or doing, the more we will grow and find new ways to exist in harmony with it all. In harmony with all of god's creations. This means we do not hover above the earth like existential beings, it means we are purely one more part of the whole.

This is an invitation to explore the differences around you that makes you uncomfortable with an open curious mind.

May we allow ourselves a fresh look at this time of rebirth and eclipse.

I love you and look forward to hearing about what you might discover.

Send me an email or DM me on Instagram for a discount code and an opportunity to Reconnect@Rebalance. A retreat to connect with self, source and the earth in the most beautiful setting in De Luz, California. This land is the indigenous land of the Luiseño People.

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