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October 12, 2010

A quick update...

I know its been a while. Days, weeks, months fly by me and I feel like a spectator who's neck isn't long or agile enough to keep up. Here goes a brief update:
Aug/Sept: My 'bestest friend in the whole world' came to visit for 3 weeks. We spent some time in LA and celebrated birthdays, then we did an incredible road trip through Mammoth and Yosemite, holding our breath in awe. Very excited we drove over the bay bridge into the fog city that greeted us with its known face. There is a certain mystique seeing the city hanging in its cloud trying to stay visible. We had a few days to explore SF, its magic, beauty and grit. Then we were of again to roam the big-sky country, Montana and Yellowstone for Labor day. In one day we swam in the lake in the morning, catching our dinner(beautiful rainbow trout), and in the afternoon we were playing in the snow!?!? ... we had an incredible time being together, driving each other crazy and enjoying the discoveries being made daily. Only soul-sisters can hold up such brutally honest mirrors for each other.
Sept/Oct: Since she left I quit being a waitress. I hung that hat and plan to find a more comfortable one. One that inspires and brings joy to my daily existence and those around me.
As actress I had a busy couple months, you know when it rains it pours so we ride the tiger while its around. Sept/Oct we rehearsed and performed a very unique original play by Howard Meehan, "Inside David Mamet's Computer" at the Film Center in San Francisco.
Our little short film; "This is Charlotte King" won best SD film at the San Diego Film festival.
I participated in a couple short films that look at some interesting points of view, I look forward to sharing these with you. I also take part in my first Zombie Flick, "Life is for the living", that had me giggling for days. I think this is probably a San Francisco film actress must, now I can scratch that of my list.
We are standing in the middle of October, elections are around the corner and my observation, (since I can't vote here yet); it's really time for Americans to look up their common sense again and not feed into the buy-outs fed to them daily. Allowing fear to rule is only pushing this beautiful creative people into a corner where they can't seem to breath or think rationally. Giving so much energy to those we blame only empower them, depletes our own way, potential and means. Things change and has to, resisting this constant in life only brings more pain to the moment.
Reconnecting with the self-healing art Metamorphosis has me back on my soapbox about living from our true source without fear, or at least carry "fear" as a friend and not our ruler.

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