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June 22, 2011

A CQ triggered musing

Ek gaan nou ongelukkig weer in Engels gesels. Want ons kan almal engels lees, en ek het 'n groot klomp familie en geliefdes in die wereld wat nie kan Afrikaans lees nie. Ek het dit so geniet om in my moeder taal te skryf. Ek besef in nabetragting die noodsaaklikheid daarvan. Iets van mens se moedertaal wat die oer ontwaak. Ek sal myself miskien nie kan help met tye nie. Maar hier is my nuutste gesig:

11 weeks surreally!?! The question: already? and also: only?
I am astonished at the idea of myself as a mother. I think the thing that really makes me do a double take at my life is the permanence of this choice, the influence and impact on the world an our existence as humans. I have the inclination to believe that with each person born into this experience we all help create, the world is forever changed, almost recreated.
Our very own butterfly effect.
My own life is experiencing a true 180 turn. Its as if I was allowed to bring only the truest part of myself, the part that really want to play this game when I entered through the birth of my daughter.
She is a soul-starer. And we have no where to hide.

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