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August 29, 2011


CQ is sitting up and her second tooth just popped out, so what, tomorrow she's going to prom? Our cat is like a jealous toddler. Daddy is the best entertainment on the block, no one can make CQ laugh like her Pappa. The first time we heard her giggle I felt tears spring to my eyes, she was laughing so hard at the sound of mouth farts, tears were rolling over her sweet little cheeks. It was the best thing since I heard my brother laugh the first time, I was only 8 at the time, but was so touched I will forever remember the moment. Watching little ones take in the world around them brings colors, people everything into a new light and a fresh perspective.Making new friends seem to be so easy for her, well, I hope, I trust that there will be great ease interacting with other little people.

Okay...I need you all to start reading up on Metamorphosis, it's a wonderful sensible practice that creates balance, a philosophy and practice that could very probably bring this world back into a state of ease. I was introduced to it ten years ago during a time of tremendous change and tension in my life. I have since then benefitted from the practice. It's simple and profound. I believe CQ came into this world with greater ease because of it and ever since I experienced giving birth the practice has come into a new light and I'm even more eager to share it. So check it out and contact me if you want to chat about it. I will probably be going on about it a decent amount in the future.

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