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November 28, 2011


I stand amazed at how babies, how humans develop and learn their bodies. I watch CQ like a hawk, mostly because she's so awesome. Her latest feat is standing hands free. She is squatting and getting up and reaching over, crawling faster than I walk at times, climbing over, under and up anything.

She becomes super excited when she stands and looks around to see who is witnessing her victory of the moment. It's incredible and inspiring to watch her determined body finally accomplish what she has been practicing for at least a month now.

She sings herself to sleep, giggles when you tell her a funny animated story, or eat her feet. She is up for trying anything that is on our plates, she drinks water with me out of my glass and enjoys her dad's smoothy with him in the morning. Her favorite food currently is probably mango, although she loves her avocado too and sweet potato is at the bottom of her list. Patience, the cat has finally come around and the two of them play together very sweetly, CQ will very gently pat at her and when she looses her balance she grabs and Patience runs of, mostly they just follows each other around the house, CQ calling out to her in her highest register, Patience standing guard outside her room when CQ sleeps. The adventure continues, everyday brings a fresh perspective.

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