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5 responses to “Musing

  1. Sharon Koustmer

    Love reading your musings. Johnny told us you were one real estate program last night. I’ll try to catch it.
    Miss you and you wonderful family😘

  2. So sorry about your being hit so painfully by a rock… And if that was Divine timing, it led to such a special poem. Super photo and quote for such a wonderful piece. When overwhelmed by frantic feelings, know always that you can let them go, making space… even to welcome those same feelings in again as guests instead of impostors. If you keep charaivetiing as authentically as all your writing suggests you do, methinks (since seems i’ won’ go to yer head so humble) you may well be one of the greatest human beings of all time

    • Hey Tristan, thanks for that, I like the idea of feelings being invited in as guests…makes sense.
      Thanks for reading and your very kind words! Charaiveti friend

      • Somebody threw you, with a stone.

        I just realised that sentence makes sense here! You get it? 🙂

        And the joke is to test if you made peace with it. And Afrikaans-English… You know how to transmute things to make them wholesome, right?

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