images-1How sweet the sound of my girls laughter as she’s rolling on the ground with her best-friend-forever. They make each other laugh, they giggle and tumble. And they also declare war when feelings become too intense. They learn how to govern these unkind feelings, finding the words, the space, acknowledging the truth of them without the lash-out that can cause such intense pain and hard-to-over-come barriers. I love hearing their stories grow and expand when they play and create together. My heart sings…

I watch them and realize yet again the value, the necessity of friendship. When I can Be with people truthfully and freely, those are what I call friends. A space where conditions don’t exist. It becomes easy to speak my truth and I am revealed to myself when in the company of true friends. I absolutely value these soul connections and feel at a loss when I don’t feel connected.

I was lucky to be witness of my mother who showed me how to recognize friends(soul-family) and how to cultivate and nurture the precious gift of it. As a live and travel all over the world, I know: recognizing our friends can be hard and sometimes seem to take forever. Then when they show up, its the most natural event, its like we’ve known each other for life times. Its electrifying and energizing. I feel blessed today with a global soul-family. I am guided and love the giggles and tears that happen so naturally with those who I can show my young heart to.

The most overwhelming feeling is gratitude.

While in relation with you I know and recognize myself. I learn. THANK YOU


I dream a similar journey of friendship for my girls. May they walk this life, on this earth and find their heart-friends easily. Guided by love and light. 


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3 responses to “Friendship

  1. Alida Jacobsz

    Liewe Quinne, Dit is altyd so lekker om jou waarnemings en lewenswaarhede te lees. Jy geniet jou kinders baie en is so goed om dinge deur die oog van ‘n kind waar te neem. Mag jy daardie gawe nooit verloor nie. Veral nie nou dat hulle nog so klein en soos sponsies is nie. Hier is alles goed. Vandag ‘n vakansiedag en ons het sommer so ‘n regte pajamadag net hier in die kinders se speelkamer. Sien uit dat julle ook nou SA toe kom. Sal julle weer baie graag beter wil leer ken. Liefde. T. Alida

  2. I do wish this post could be highlighted so that everyone could read it. It’s so beautifully expressed and, instead of explaining my own thoughts on genuine connection, I sometimes simply share the link to this page. People are touched by it — it’s so good of you to have put it out here.

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