Our home birth story… a blessed welcome to Lara Quinta

A month after my darling Lara is born I sit down, finally. Its been hard to find a moment between my toddler and a baby in arms, trying to type with one hand is not as much fun. And sleeping when I have a moment takes priority for sure.[Sleep deprivation is more detrimental than ever, having to keep my wits about with a smart, always  negotiating two year old.:)]

I view the birth photos and video with an odd sense of detachment. I was in such a different place during this birth, being completely undisturbed and safe gave me the opportunity to trust that I can follow the guide, my body and our baby. “Man alive”!! it was incredible and I was very rarely aware of who was in the room once I went into active labor. It was VERY intense, sensual almost erotic and the thought of it makes me a little shy but it also makes me smile and knowing how my mind and body worked together is invigorating and liberating. I have written the birth story in Afrikaans for Lara, but find it hard to write it again in English, it wasn’t a very cerebral experience and words are hard to come by when I think of it.

Below is the visual birth story. I was blessed with the most amazing team surrounding me with such incredible love and support, off course it was all possible and never did doubt or fear enter my room or mind. Thank you Andrea Meyer, Debra Bochinski,  Jose Petri and my amazing Mother . I am forever grateful to my most beautiful husband and partner, lover and best friend, we are on this journey together and with each change and birth we become closer and I stand more in awe of you each time.

It started on a gorgeous day with a long walk on the beach and some stairs….IMG_1972

IMG_2002  IMG_2015


































happy birthday Lara!


me and my girls…


Being a birth worker, and believing that all women should have choice, especially when and how they want to birth their babies. Having had two incredible births, one in hospital and one in home, I can truly say I personally, prefer being home and private and with professionals I know and trust during such a private and primal event. My hospital experience was amazing too, I was blessed with a wonderful doula and with Ryan by my side it all felt safe and good. I was very educated about birth and its faces and fazes and felt very confident about my body and its ability to birth my Charlotte. With this confidence and being naive about all the hospital policies gave me room to shut out most of the hustle in the hospital. I feel much safer at home and had more freedom to just be, I know that this is not the case for everyone, and that for some it feels safer in the hospital. I would say that we should all choose to birth where we feel safest.

Lets work on being free to make appropriate choices that is not dictated to us by insurance or fear. Its worth making the new generations’ entrance a loving and fearless and beautiful one. It does make a difference.


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  1. Hallo Bokkie, dit is werklik amazing! Was gister by Boekklub en het juis vir die 2 nuwe lede, Ronelle (Lize se dogter) en Mariska vertel hoeveel die “Jacobs Earth Mother” presence vir my beteken. En dit kom al van ouma Quinta af, en die wonderlike ding is dat jy en Esther dit voortneem na die volgende geslagte. I salute you! Mariette

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