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Why Mothers Should Learn about Pelvic Organ Prolapse

 If you’re a mother, pelvic organ prolapse is a topic that you should learn about, since pregnancy and childbirth are the biggest risk factors for this very common pelvic floor disorder. About half of all women who give birth will develop POP to some degree. However, despite the very common nature of the disorder, a lot of women haven’t heard about POP and don’t know that they may be at risk. This is unfortunate, since stopping POP early can improve the odds that it can be treated with non-invasive therapies, rather than the surgical solutions that can become necessary once POP has had time to progress.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Pelvic organ prolapse happens when the pelvic floor becomes weakened or stretched. Made up of muscles and connective tissues, the pelvic floor is the support structure of the pelvis. One of the primary functions of the pelvic floor is to keep pelvic organs like the uterus and rectum in their proper places, providing them the support they need to function efficiently. POP occurs when the pelvic floor becomes so weak that it is unable to support those organs, allowing them to drop lower than usual in the pelvic cavity and place additional pressure on the vagina.

Risk Factors

Pregnancy and childbirth are the primary risk factors for pelvic organ prolapse, but anything that puts pressure on the pelvic area can contribute, such as obesity, heavy lifting, chronic coughing and frequent constipation. Women who participate in high-impact sports, like long-distance running, weight-lifting or sky-diving can be at higher risk, as can women with a history of POP in the family. POP symptoms are most likely to appear around menopause, as changes in hormone levels further weaken the pelvic floor.

Signs and Symptoms

Many women who have some degree of pelvic organ prolapse experience no symptoms. In women who do have issues, symptoms can range from mild ones to severe problems that can affect health and quality of life. POP symptoms can include a feeling of pressure or fullness in the pelvic or vaginal area, pelvic or lower back pain, urinary or fecal incontinence, frequent constipation and chronic urinary tract infections. Women may develop a bulge in the vaginal area, and some may see tissue protruding out of the vagina.

Treatment Options

Physical therapy is often the first treatment to be suggested for POP and has been of benefit to many women. Typically, therapists use Kegels and other pelvic floor exercises to strengthen pelvic muscles. If you are overweight, losing those extra pounds can help, as can treating or preventing constipation, since both can stress the pelvic floor. Using a pessary may also help. This is a device that can be put inside the vagina to support prolapsed organs.

Severe POP may require surgery. However, it important to know that there are several options when it comes to POP repair procedures, and some are riskier than others. Procedures that use transvaginal mesh implants in POP repair carry a high risk of complications. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the most commonly reported problems are mesh erosion — which can result in protrusion through vaginal tissues — bleeding, organ perforation and infection. This has led many patients to look into filing a vaginal mesh lawsuit as a result of these serious complications. Women should make sure to ask their doctor about POP procedures that don’t use mesh.

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Wink ;)

Not only does our pregnancy seem easier when we start it out fit and strong, but the recovery period can be a breeze if we take care to stay strong and work those kegels. I believe Pilates made all the difference in how my pelvis, uterus and cervix, not to mention my mind and the rest of me handled my long labor and birth. Yoga was my other passion that was awakened during the latter part of my pregnancy, strengthening my resolve and mindfulness. Also working with Metamorphosis to create clearer intuition to truly know how my baby and me are doing.

I have a guest blog coming up that will highlight another reason for staying fit and why working those kegels are so important. It seems it is worth our time and effort to work at our pelvic muscles. So let’s go; wink;) when you’re doing your kegels and we can all just smile knowingly and encouraging at one another in the passing.

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A life changing month

We are celebrating the first month of my nephews life. He was born on July 18th, sharing his birthday with Mandela and the likes. I had the privilege to be in the room when he entered this world. His birthing moment was beautiful and the room so full of love, anticipation and joy we couldn’t stop smiling. This little boy had a plan and it all seemed to have worked out his way. A sweet boy with big lips, good lungs and a healthy grasp found his moms breast with ease, happy when placed on her chest where her familiar face and voice soothed him in the bright world he entered.

My sister was so happy to meet her son after an eventful and challenging labor. Her labor was very emotional and a real testament to labor being a most important part of the journey when we are about to meet our children. Allowing them to make their way into our lives their way help reveal who we are as parents and who they will be as people. This little boy waited until the last possible moment, born almost two weeks past its guess date. He was born via caesarean birth. He never engaged and his placenta had given all it had to give. In this moment I was witness to the miracle of modern-day medicine, honoring and thanking my sisters intuition and wisdom to listen to her body all the way. She truly allowed her son to be born his way. In this case a caesarean  birth was the most natural birth. It was not her preference to go through surgery since this was one of her biggest fears, but for the sake of her baby and her life as a mother the sacrifice was easy and non-negotiable. I am so proud of my sister, she is the most natural and competent mother, her way with children and people has always suggested that she would be, but witnessing it all first hand is awe-inspiring and beautiful.

They all seem so content in their new roles, as mother, father and baby. The ease surrounding them tangible, everyone is allowed to be who they are and in this case they all rise to the occasion with full force.

Its been a month… it seems like a lifetime. I would say it has been a life changing month.




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