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These days…

We are busy, very busy…growing…climbing…running…tasting everything and smelling every flower we can reach. If there is a slide we are up, over and down it. The swing is not so fun anymore, we don’t like being confined, freedom of movement means everything right now, we have people to meet and places to see.

We love and I mean, love, kiwi and grandma’s meatloaf.

I am a mother in awe of my baby girl that is growing up into a person that understands every word it seems, and who is conquering her world with absolute determination. We celebrate our second mothers day! Wow! What a fabulous day. I celebrate all the mothers out there, shifting and shaping our world with their love and creative power.

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San Diego Birth Community

I was spending time on Facebook tonight, something I rarely did in the past. Facebook was a phenomenon that I did not understand until I became a doula. One would’ve thought as an actress and a girl far from her homeland I would’ve been into it. I guess I was overwhelmed and shy and then I became a doula. I love facebook and the internet. I love it for marketing purposes but mostly I love the connections, information and incredible support I have experienced on it since I became a mother and a doula and moved to San Diego.

San Diego birth community is giving me goosebumps on an hourly basis. The support and structure of the network here is remarkable and something I have rarely experienced. Walking around at the Natural Baby Fair and then Mama Fest this past month made me aware of how supportive and authentically natural this community is. Everyone is doing what they love and is passionate about supporting mamas and their families. This quest to stay true and authentic is tangible and magic.

I am excited for every woman who falls pregnant in San Diego.

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