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Being a Doula (reposted)

I am a trained doula. Ready to be of service to women embarking on the journey into motherhood.

Its amazing what an epic transformation birth can be. From the moment of conception [the moment the human journey begin] I stand in awe and readiness. This journey means something different for each woman carrying a child. Every woman’s experience is unique, of this I am more and more aware. I am excited and honored to be a witness, to be a supporting hand that will allow each women to be empowered by her expression.

I have finally found my path, and the butterflies can’t seem to find a landing spot in my belly. I love that this path leads to endless learning and discovery. There is so much to take in here. I am aware of how supported and loved we all are when its allowed into the space we occupy. May every woman that wants a doula have one. May our world, our societies and communities find a way to heal and become whole again, by acknowledging the impact our birth experience has. Living with the principles of Meta I love how simple it can be to live in peace. That we can be the creative force that seize to create illness and destruction and create more love, harmony, acceptance, love, patience, peace and trust.

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Celebrating our first birthday

We celebrated our first birthday as a family. April 4th this year came so quickly I am again and again amazed at how tangible time has become since CQ joined us. We had a fantastic fun picnic in the park the Saturday before CQ’s actual birthday. All our lives merged for a moment, the past, present and what seemed like the future. Friends and family came from the north and the south. It was really special and watching CQ rise to the occasion, priceless. She dug into her special cupcake Grandma Terrie baked, coconut and lemon, satisfying our baby girls tart taste buds

On the 4th I was up and sleepless at 5am and filled with the memory of our first birth. How this moment forever and absolutely changed our lives. A year ago this time I entered into motherhood. Our first words…”wow!” became CQ’s first word. I find it very appropriate that a baby’s first word be “wow” and then “hi!”.

She had a great time with both her Ouma and Grandma at the wild animal park marveling at the butterflies and using her words every time she saw someone she wanted to befriend or a beautiful butterfly she wanted to share, lots of “Hi’s “and “WOw’s”. Then more cake before bedtime stories with her Grandpa. What a life!

I have been slow and slack online, blaming mercury being in retrograde, but also just processing the anniversary of this epic time, the birth of my first child… Hopefully I will gain some momentum back and more often share this crazy journey deeper and deeper into motherhood and doula-dom.

I accompanied a mama with the birth of her baby boy, my first Doula moment. Empowered and humbled. Learning how different every single birth story is. Learning something everyday that awes me and inspires me.

I love the power and brilliance of birth.


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