the power of a name

I should tell you all about the naming ceremony we had for Charlotte Quinta ala CQ yesterday.

It was beautiful and sacred. The sky was shining blue and the sun was bright. We had the ceremony on the beach here in Carlsbad, surrounded by family and friends. CQ is a blessed little girl bestowed with love and support around the globe. It was 8pm in South Africa where the other half of her God-Parents and Guardians and family were sending love and prayers into the ether.

CQ has a powerful name, a family name, who would’ve thought. We heard the name, Charlotte, when my mom listed the names on our family tree, I had goosebumps all over and the sense that this was her name was so strong it was eerie. We knew she would have her Great Ouma’s name as a middle name. Aunt Charlotte was the sixth daughter of her father Charl who decided to name her after him. Ouma Quinta and Aunt Charlotte was so close, they remained best friends and spoke their unique private language till they were beyond 80. It was confusing listening to their conversations and they would always end up giggling at us mysteriously. So it is only perfect to have their names forever side by side as CQ’s name. It’s powerful and I am proud of her name, knowing they were both remarkable women, forces to be reckoned with.

Charlotte – “Spry Witty Involved and Gentle”; “Strong Woman”; “Feminine”. Quinta – “Questing Unbiased Daring”, “The Fifth”

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