I am watching CQ intently trying to stay standing while holding on to the couch edge with only one hand. Her balance is astounding and even in her downward-dog pose she stays balanced with her little but in the air.

I did an introductory talk about my Metamorphosis practice on Saturday and again became very aware of how we practice balance in our lives. Understanding that when we are out of balance we create illness or disease.

Loving Meta for the space it holds in which we can create balance from inside. With balance we can experience greater ease in almost anything and everything we do. Anyway before I get on a tangent and start sounding like I need a soapbox, allow me to express how excited I am to be available as a practitioner of Metamorphosis. On Sunday we were at the Art Splash festival in Carlsbad and the art, especially the chalk art was inspiring. I noticed the guys doing the balancing acts with the rocks.

I love the synchronicity of our minds eye and attitude and how we perceive our circumstances. Its like suddenly noticing everyone that’s pregnant when you’re pregnant, or the red Volkswagen that’s all over the road when its the one you have your heart set on. So I realize when we focus on the good in each other possibly we will see more good and experience more of it too. Oh, there I go again…These guys are very talented, the way they can balance the weirdest shaped rocks on each other.

I the same way Charlotte is amazing at learning her body and practicing balance.

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