The Traveler

On the road and in the air all day yesterday. CQ loves the movement, she becomes so excited when we are about to fly. She was amazing on the flight, and besides being a squirmy sleeper, she seems happy go lucky.

I urge anyone, up for a magical and extraordinary experience that will forever enrich their lives, to visit Ruby’s Cove, situated on the edge of the world it seems. A b&b in the heart of Greenport Village, on the north fork of Long Island NYC. Thinking about traveling with little babies, and what I learnt from it. To really be free of expectation and anticipation, so much easier said than done. But I realized that when I allowed myself to not anticipate or expect certain behaviour from CQ, we have a smoother ride together. So what’s my plan when traveling with CQ, rescue remedy for mom and calming drops for baby and then going with the flow, watching her closely for ques. The moment we touched ground pretty much, she was back on schedule and eating and sleeping as if jetlag’s a joke on the rest of us.

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