At Ruby’s Cove

Sitting in Donna’s kitchen with Ruby’s magic surrounding us, or is it ours or the fig tree in the back yard that survives New York winter after winter. CQ and I took the red-eye over and had a remarcably smooth ride considering. Edith Piaf is filling the sound space and transporting us to a different time. The sun is filtering into the corners and we feel as if in a painting. This cove revives my spirit, time and space shared with sisters and mothers and babies, how can we not believe in magic.

Oysters on the half shell has me extatically marvelling at the world. I loooove it! Swimming in the bay, and it feels as if we’re jumping of the edge of the world! The water awakens my little girl giggles. I am in awe of life and this human experience.

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  1. I’ve just read this post and love it!!!! Look at that little pumpkin and how small she was!!! We need to get Lara here!! xoxoxox Ruby xoxox

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