I watched the SHOUT! video, a friend forwarded
me the link, and my eyes unpredictably shot full of tears. Unexpectedly I
swallowed and realized how affected I was. Yes we have all been affected by
crime and violence. And whether I’m in South Africa or San Francisco, life has
this peculiar way of being violent and filled with what seems unforgivable
behaviour, yet it seems to me that its showing up as a challenge of change, the
big challenge is remembering ourselves.

So here’s my SHOUT OUT!!:

I am happy to be alive, I am sad about those I lost at the hands of those that
forgot who they are, who forgot the value of their own lives and those of others, I SHOUT! that
we should all start reminding each other of who we are and that life is a game of sharing, playing,
experiencing who we are, possibly so?!?

I’m just saying…

How sad i feel, yet the hope that crept into my
heart watching everyone stepping in together, singing, SHOUT IT ALL OUT!
allowing themselves and many to express feelings and experience in order to
remember who we are. That we are all affected by another and the connection
only grows.

The good, the bad, the sad and the ugly. These all
on a canvas makes a remarkable collage.

I’m just saying…

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